Albacores is dedicated to providing extremely robust, high-quality video, audio, and data processing IP cores and related technologies. Our team of architects and algorithm designers brings extensive experience designing high-volume SoCs to the design of easy-to-use IP cores. With a focus on reliability, high performance, low power, and ease of integration, our products coombine the fastest time to market with unrivaled audio/video quality. Seamless integration and expert support are assured through extensive experience in the IP cores industry.

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NTSC PAL SECAM demodulation modulation decoder encoder demodulator modulator, video scaler, noise reduction, deblocking, temporal filtering, mosquito noise reduction, adaptive contrast enhancement,
multipath reduction, LCD panel display path, display engine, MPEG image enhancement , deinterlacer, interlaced progressive, film mode, 3:2 pulldown, motion detection VSB demodulatior modulator HDTV ghosting COFDM DVB-H DVB