Multistandard TV Audio Demodulator

Multistandard TV
Video Decoder

VBI Data Slicer

Future IP Cores
  • Handles BTSC, A2/Zweiton, NICAM, EIAJ, SECAM, etc.
  • Non-standard carrier compatible
  • SAP decoding where applicable
  • Auto-fallback from NICAM where applicable
  • All modes can be recorded in sync with video (for PVR function)
  • Single clock operation
  • Handles NTSC, PAL, SECAM, and all their variants
  • Automatic, hardware-based standard detection
  • Best VCR performance of any decoder (integral time base corrector)
  • Best noisy signal performance of any decoder
  • 2D adaptive comb filter (5 line)
  • 3D adaptive comb filter
  • Meets or exceeds industry standard performance measurements
  • Single clock operation

  • Clock recovery never fails
  • Immune to a wide variety of tuner distortions
  • Immune to significant RF broadcast effects
  • Proven in silicon by major DTV company and accepted by a European television manufacturer

  • Video noise reduction
  • NTSC, PAL, and SECAM IF demodulation
  • 8-VSB HDTV demodulator


Fully-functional FGPA evaluation boards are available for all cores.

Product deliverables include:

  • Synthesizable Verilog RTL
  • Verilog testbench
  • Complete verification suite
  • Golden test result vectors
  • Detailed product documentation
  • Design specifications
  • Integration guidelines
  • Extensive tests including corner-case scenarios
  • FPGA test board (with testbench and supporting files)
  • Product support and training

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